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Bolex H16 Rex - SBM - EBM - EL  Camera body conversion to Super 16 format
Bolex H8 Rex 3&4 -
Conversion to Super Duper 8 format.
For Bolex H16 body and Lenses.
Bolex H16 Rex & H8 Rex - B
olex H8 and H16 body sample images.
C-mount Lens selections -
S16 frame coverage.
Optical Printer K107
Use for film to film and film to digital operation.
Film to Digital Printer K108 -
Pin registered frame by frame transfer.
K108C Build to custom order -
This printer is build to drive a 35mm 4 perf. movement.
See viewfinder modifications Alter from 10x view to 13x view.
JK Optical Printer instructions - How to use digital controls.

JK equipment operating problems  Trouble shooting help.
K105/6/7 & ITSM  Programming instructions.
K206 - Animation Camera motor.


JK Optical Printers K107 & K108 
K107 for film to film post production. This concept of JK optical printers is in world wide use, by independent film makers, art colleges and universities teaching the art of film making.  K107L is currently available in limited quantity.

K107 printer integrated with  DSLR camera is a setup to transfer scene of film images into digital  media for editing and HDTV viewing. Automatic run controls of K107 printer simplifies the high
 quality digital transfer process. The speed of printing cycle is related to time required for image resolution data storage.  
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Adapt your old K103 and K104 Optical Printer to Digital transfer operation.
With a DTA camera and projector synchronizer (shown in the picture) these 35 year old printers can be used to digitize existing film footage.
Most of DSLR cameras, supplied with an external activation wire socket will work. Canon DSLR models and currently Lumix DMC  4/3" cameras, having metallic shutter movement for longer life cycle are favorites.




Bolex SBM - Super 16 and 10x to 13x viewfinder
modification done in this camera.

All Bolex H16 camera bodies  can be modified to  Super 16 film format.
The most popular and suitable camera models for modification are Bolex H body cameras that have through the lens viewing system. 
Bolex SB, SBM, EBM, EL.  Bolex Rex 5, Rex 4 and Rex 3 models. These camera models have 10x or 13x magnification viewfinder systems. In this SBM camera shown in the picture, the original 10x viewfinder is modified to view the Super 16 frame in 13x magnification.  

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