Selection of Bolex H body cameras suitable for Super 16 Conversion. Compare images below for your camera identification.
   Bolex H16 - We repair 16 mm. Bolex H body style motion picture cameras. Old none-reflex and reflex         models. Bolex H16 Rex1, Rex2, Rex3, Rex4, Rex5. SBM and EBM. Bolex H8 Rex and all H8 Rex cameras modified to Super 8 format by JK Camera. Send your camera in for repair estimate, or e-mail  a short description explaining the problem you are having, we e-mail back a rough estimate for repair.

SBM Super 16   13x viewfinder
 This camera is the most desired model for Super 16 conversion. For cameraman, having 13x viewfinder and bayonet lens mount. Super 16 format ground glass mask is for full Super 16 frame, markings include HDTV format lines and small  cross hair for the frame center.  Super 16  for viewfinder options.
 H16 SBM  Converted to Super 16. 13x viewfinder.  

.EBM  Super 16  13x viewfinder
Conversion is the same as for SBM.
Needs power supply to operate.
 Super 16  for Modifications.
 H16 EBM Super16. 13x viewfinder.  
H16 Rex 5 Super16   13x viewfinder
 This Rex-5 have  10x view modified to 13x viewfinder.
Ground glass mask is for full Super 16 frame, markings include
HDTV format lines and small  cross hair for frame center.
Turret is is shifted into permanent position for S16 optical
axes for full use of all 3 C-mount holes.



    H16 Rex-5 S16 Modified 13x view.   

H16 Rex 4 Super 16  13x viewfinder
The best way to identify Rex 4 camera is by having 8 to1 rewinding shaft and 1 to 1 shaft for external motor drive for live action or animation work. 
This camera is functionally the same as Rex 5 except it does not have a 400 ft, magazine mount. All Rex-4's have factory supplied 10x viewfinder which is modified to 13x for all converted cameras.

 H16 Rex-4 13x viewfinder. 




Bolex EL  Super 16     
   Super 16 conversion performed by JK Camera      Ready to shoot in full S16 frame, HDTV format or Standard    16mm  frame size. The ground  glass  markings are for full   S16 frame with HDTV border lines and cross hair for S16 frame    center.  Camera is serviced, lubricated and adjusted to good  working order. Beam splitter prism is clear, free of scratches,  no separation marks. See viewfinder markings: Super16    

Bolex H8 Rex 3 and Rex 4 body converted to Super 8 mm film format


 H8 Rex-4 body  Converted to Super Duper Super 8  See Larger S8 film sprockets identifies  Super 16 conversion 
Switar 5.5 lens, modified for increased coverage.

 Switar 12.5 and IVAR 75mm lens. 
H8 Rex-4 Standard 8mm.
 Vario-Switar 8 to 36mm. EE  Zoom. 

Bolex H8 Rex 4 and Rex 3  Converted to Super 8mm.
The camera on the left is a standard 8mm. converted to S8 format by JK Camera. Often I get questions how to identify the converted camera: The sprocket hole is in line with center of frame,  Super 8 film sprockets are larger in diameter,  reel spindles have square adapters for 16mm reels  (Double - Super 8 film is supplied in the 16mm. reels).

H16 Rex 3 and Rex 1
Rex 3 can have a square base like Rex 4 or  around base for single mounting screw. Identify Rex 3 by having one outlet only (8 to 1) and the viewfinder is the same size as Rex 4 has.
 Rex 2 has single screw base, 8 to 1 outlet and the viewfinder system is smaller  than Rex 3 has. Rex 2 on the right has 1 to 1 shaft and motor mounting screw  inserts installed. This camera is functionally the same as Rex 4
 H8 Rex-3  Super8.  10x viewfinder
H16 Rex-1  6x viewfinder.1 to 1 drive and motor mounting feature added.  
   Bolex 400ft. Magazine if used for Super 16 film, all surfaces which are in
   contact   with emulsion side must have the clearance. Also the film base side is
   subject to  scratches. The film port  guide (film in and out) and guide rollers need
   to be machined. Also the spindle rollers which replace the film spools need
   machine work.
   Cost in  US$ 165.00. Two or more magazines  US$ 135.00.
   Send the magazine with camera conversion  US$ 135.00

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